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1403 (title - Cadman of the Legion).
Tuffy (series character; football).Forbidden Gold of the Wakawa, The (series characters; Far East themed adventure; late 19th / early 20th century; stories about a Resident Magistrate in New Guinea).The vampire seems to be the family values candidate.Sea Battles: British and Italian ships that fought in the Mediterranean in 1940-41 (factual; artist Bevan) 753.Submarine Sid (WW2 RN; complete story) 1981.His testimony before the House Un-American Activities committee was legendary for its funny combativeness.
Brandon, Ace (series character; present day adventure, helicopter pilot) see Egg-Beater, The.
See also Squadron Leader Leigh and Pilot Officer Armstrong.
Also in Twelve Angry Men.
Pepin (series character; WW2 army; railway story) see Cannonball Express, The.
9 - Terror in the Tall Tower (adventure; featuring Don Ballard; re-printed from the Wizard comic, issues 28 -?, 1975; artist Denis McLoughlin; cover artist Kennedy).Wheelbarrow Hero (WW2 Army; true story) 1974 When He Was a Boy (series; factual; various artists unknown; note - series did not appear in consecutive issues).Beagle, novelist * Saul Bellow, writer, Nobel Prize (1976) * Robert Bloch, science fiction author the borgata poker open * Harold Bloom, literary critic * Judy Blume, children's author * Jane Bowles, writer playwright * David Brin, science fiction author * Michael Chabon, novelist * Howard Chaykin, comic book.None stand out as extremely memorable.Supply Stoppers, The (factual; WW2 RAF; front/back cover story).Screenplay for Clockers, Sea of Love, The Color of Money, and others.