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Author: Chris Gray; 3d version by Howard Hull contents OF disk 95 Cmd Cmd redirects the vice japanese gambling games creed 3 or vice output to a file.
Lots of neat new features and enhancements.
Author: Eddy Carroll contents OF disk 452 Budget A program to help with managing personal finances.
FRequest can be easily used in batch files and has a lot of options.Author: Frédéric quarter slot machine zapper app Delacroix CloseWB This program attempts to close the WorkBench screen after "n" seconds.Binary only, shareware, update to version on disk 121.Author: Les Dietz contents OF disk 979 KeysPlease Displays a nice rendition of the Amiga keyboard and allows you to either click on a key-gadget or press a key to find that key's rawcode or ascii value.Author: Olaf Olsen' Barthel Path: Term4.3Docs : Complete Documentation of all Term-related files, such as XPR-Libs Author: Olaf Olsen' Barthel Path: Term4.3PS : Term-Docs in PostScript format.This game was made and tested under Workbench.0, so the colors may look a bit strange under WB1.3.And while the story is perfectly serviceable, it lacks a certain amount of polish, particularly when compared to the staff's previous Xenogears.Take a look at the animation files by all means (they are only ascii text but I wouldn't try writing your own without any documentation!
It produces either the usual ascii- character-labels or a source-text that can be fed to LaTeX.
ToolManager is a full featured program for either WorkBench or CLI tool management.
Handles all of the messy details including message creation/deletion and error handling.
All libraries, devices, interrupts, reset vectors, etc are completely checked by the programs.
Author: Preben Nielsen contents OF disk 544 AWP This program animates any wait pointer like the one in WorkBench.0.
Author: Wouter van Oortmerssen TurboDEX A compiler for the DEX language.
Includes source for the sample bootblocks and the install program.You can scale the plot, set plot limits, change rotation, etc.Has many features like carrier checking and return code redirection (for "stupid" languages).A lot of nice features for code practice or with a simple hardware interface even useful as a keyboard program for your transmitter.Author: Chris Vandierendonck NewDate A replacement for the AmigaDOS 'Date' dream poker 10 free command.Author: Thomas Clement Scrimper Short for "SCReen IMage PrintER".Also nested ilbm total control over display modes, simple slideshow processing, pattern matching, multipalette, double buffering, fast decompression, color cycling, TeXdocs, startup files for easy custom configurations and complete WB support.Version.3d, binary only Author: Terry Gintz contents OF disk 390 Flip Allows you to quickly and easily switch between various screens.Works from CLI or WorkBench, all OS thru.0.Provides you with a number of buttons on the WorkBench screen that, when pressed, will launch other programs.Version.40, an update to version.00 on disk 780.Author: Business Electronics Software Technology Inc.Version.0, shareware, includes source.Binary only, joystick required, works only under AmigaDOS.3.